How To Choose Urns?

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Published: 28th May 2013
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Cremation Urns have been used for centuries throughout different cultures. Cremation was done in most cultures especially during times of epidemics to stem the tide of disease outbreaks. The practice of cremation has waxed and waned over the years – it is now in favor again as burial plots are becoming scarcer in various parts of the world.

How to Choose Urns?

Whether one is planning for one’s funeral in the future or dealing with the immediate loss of a loved one, cremation is always a viable option. Once the decision has been made, the choice of container to hold the ashes has to be made as well. The choice of urns is an individual one – and here are a few things to consider before purchasing one.

What is the final resting place – crypt, home, burial or scattering of the ashes?

If ashes are going to be scattered, then it may be a good idea to buy a biodegradable container.

If one is planning to keep the ashes at home or in a prominent place, then there are a number of choices.

Brass Urns:

Death is an inevitable fact of life for all – and it is not a topic that is easily discussed. The fact that some people choose to keep the ashes of their loved ones could be an unconventional choice. This is a personal decision and a funeral director can help in picking out the right size – as for style, there are many to choose from.

There are many good sources for brass urns – customers can look at and choose the most appropriate ones for their needs. Retailers do check the quality to ensure that they contain 100% brass and that each urn has a screw on and airtight lid. The average urn is usually about 12” tall and 6” wide. The capacity of such an urn is usually between 150 – 250 cubic inches.

All Urns are made of 100% high quality brass to ensure that the quality of the urn never wavers. Produced in India by craftsmen with generations of experience, each urn is carefully inspected upon arrival to our warehouse, and again immediately prior to shipping. Additionally, each urn comes with a threaded, air-tight, screw-on lid. The urns weigh approximately 2 – 3 kgs and have a cubic inch capacity of 150 – 250. The funeral director will be able to help in picking the right size to ensure that all the remains can be contained. A carry pouch – usually made of velvet is included.

Airlines usually have no problems with transporting of ashes – as long as they are housed in wooden urns. Check with the airline before travel to ensure that the container is appropriate and is sent in the checked baggage. Most often than not, the recommendation is to put the ashes in a wood or plastic container till the final destination.

Styles to Choose From:

Urns, especially metal ones, are available in a variety of great finishes and screw top lids to ensure that the contents remain secure. Metal urns can be made from any one – even silver and gold. These will of course be expensive – but there are many affordable urns to choose from especially in brass. Here is an idea of what one can choose from:

Filigree: Metal lends itself to intricate designs and colors – urns are available in different sizes, prices and companion pieces as well. Choose one which would reflect the personality of the person.

Matte: There are many designs and shapes to choose from as well and names can be engraved on the container.

Inlay: Traditionally shaped urns with screw top lids and mother of pearl inlay work offer exquisite choice as well.

Themes: Urns are available in themes like Garden, Desert, Military designs and others.

The variety and choice in urns is endless – so look around and find the one that suits your budget and personality.

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